LA PREFERIDA: Ssnng Taco, 1.25 oz


Authentic Taco Seasoning isn’t reserved just for tacos! This appetizing array of spices which includes cumin, chilis, paprika, garlic, and oregano can be used outside the Mexican food realm. Try as a seasoning rub for grilled wings, in Mexican lasagnas, and even as a sauce thickener. Level up your brunch game by adding Taco Seasoning mix to eggs, frittatas, and quiches for that extra bit of zest. Use as a seasoning for roasted potatoes, sausage patties, or candied bacon to wow your guests. Create custom sauces and dips by combining our seasoning mix with sour cream or yogurt to make an effortless party treat. Sprinkle over veggies with a bit of olive oil and roast for a fragrant side dish. Add to cornbread batter or macaroni and cheese for a fresh twist. There’s no limit to what you can do!