IYA FOODS LLC: Piri Piri Seasoning, 2 oz

Peppers, Spices & Herbs — A world-famous blend of African spices and herbs that is the perfect rub for any type of protein. Flavorful and moderately spicy. Real Ingredients —Iya’s top selling seasoning! Made with 18 spices, peppers, herbs & more. Delicately crafted for a delicious meal. No marinade is needed. Traditional Seasoning—Our Piri-Piri is an Iya Foods original blend with inspiration from Europe and Africa. Each ingredient is carefully selected for its rich flavor and nutritional benefits. Nutrient Rich —Our spices are non-irradiated, free from additives, MSG, preservatives, color or anything artificial. A powerhouse of nutrients that help boost our body’s defenses. Easy to Use —It’s simple and perfect right out of the bag. Rub thoroughly on poultry, beef, seafood, and even tofu—then cook.