IYA FOODS LLC: Dried Hibiscus Flowers, 8 oz

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100% Cut & Sifted, Non-irradiated Hibiscus sabdariffa; Roselle Great for- Drink: Hibiscus Tea, cocktails, drinks, smoothies Eat: Cooking, baking, pastries, preserves, syrups & more Beauty: Hair & skin, home beauty remedies Lifestyle: Various uses Fresh hibiscus flowers are harvested by hand in the tropical farms of West Africa and sun-dried to naturally preserve their nutrients, potency & tart flavor. Iya Foods Dried Hibiscus Loose tea leaves are hand picked and are packed here in Illinois. We try to make sure that our products is free from any unwanted items so that our customers are satisfied. For Baking - Add hibiscus flower powder as specified in your recipe for cakes, pancakes etc. A general guide is about ½ cup of hibiscus powder for every 5 cups of flour. For Drinks: Steep in hot water for tea. For cocktails, allow to cool then mix as desired.