DREAMBRANDS: Lubricant with Carrageenan Aloe Vera, 1.7 oz

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The Natural is a natural personal lubricant formulated to support women’s health and wellness with additional benefits far and above helping relieve vaginal dryness during lovemaking. The Natural has a superior soft, silky, non-sticky improved texture, lubrication and pH balance designed for women’s health and pleasure. The Natural imitates a woman’s natural lubrication. Its silky texture is sensual to the touch, making sexual intimacy a more pleasurable long-lasting experience for both men and women. The primary ingredient in The Natural personal lubricant is carrageenan, an extract from rich marine algae with amazing potential health benefits. This abundantly renewable ingredient has extraordinary thickening abilities with other forms of it used in everything from food to cosmetic products. Additional Benefits Include: Dispenses measured applications with an airless, hygenic self-sealing pump State-of-the-art container is designed for ease and convenience No mess or spills Non-staining Odorless, colorless and tasteless Latex condom compatible