AUSTRALIAN CAROB CO: Carob Pwdr Aust Rstd Org, 7.05 oz

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CAROBOU'S certified organic, non-GMO roasted carob powder 7.05oz is milled very fine which makes it perfect for manufacturing food products. Most carob around the world is grown for their seed quality and not the pods as seeds made into locust bean gum are more lucrative than pods made into carob powder. CAROBOU'S wide range of Australian Carob products are made from new generation carob pods grown on sweet carob trees selectively chosen for their thick, rich, luscious pods — not for the seeds. Carob powders and products from The Australian Carob Co. are the sweetest in the global market without the strong bitter taste normally associated with European and or Mediterranean carobs. This is the difference between old generation carobs and new generation Australian carobs. Use 1:1 in place of cacao or cocoa as directed in any recipe calling for carob.